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1 tablets, 2 time(s) per day


Capsule / Tablet Size




Digestion, Bone, Joint Support, Bran, Men, Men 50+, Women, Women 50+ Fatigue & Stress


P0012 - Di-Calcium Phosphate
P0031 - Green Tea 6: 1 Extract, min 95% polyphenol of which min 45% are EGCG
P0035 - Magnesium Stearate
P0075 - Microcrystaline Cellulose


Green Tea is extracted from the Camellia sinensis plant, a plant that has been used for traditional medicine by Chinese people for millennia. The word Sinensis roughly translates to 'from China' where it is thought that the plant originates from, although evidence suggests that the plant may even originate from Vietnam, India and Thailand. The plant is a shrub that grows white, scented flowers. Although the shrubs can grow up to 6m tall, they are often cultivated to 2m for ease of harvest. Green Tea plantations often appear to be dense and compact because the leaves grow in tight clusters.

Unlike black tea, Green Tea remains unprocessed, hence it's colour and name. The substance is thought to have been used for over 5,000 years, however nowadays the product is used as a natural source of caffeine.


Benefits of Green Tea Green
Tea has gained the name of 'superfood' due to its vast traditional nutritional benefits. Firstly, Green Tea is historically used to invigorate the body, reducing feelings of fatigue. Secondly, Green Tea contains catechins which are thought to contribute to weight loss via the maintenance of fat metabolism and its support of thermogenesis, the process of heat production. Many also supplement with Green Tea at night to facilitate a good nights sleep so that the body can rest and recuperate, including the recovery of the immune system and concentration levels.

Our Green Tea tablets
We provide three strengths of Green Tea tablets and four product quantities to provide you with flexibility. Tablet sizes vary from 6mm to 18mm, depending on the tablet strength. Please click here for more information on tablet sizing.

This product contains a safe dosage of catechins, as established by EFSA (European Food Standard Agency) to not exceed 900mg per day. Surpassing this dose could lead to serious liver damage. Please contact your health advisor if you have any pre-existing liver conditions or experience any symptoms.

We advise you to keep this product out of reach of those under the age of 18. This product is not recommended for pregnant women.

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