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5-HTP POWDER 99.5%

1 g, 2 time(s) per day


Capsule / Tablet Size




Brain Support, Fatigue & Stress


P0286 - 5-HTP powder (Min 98%)


5-HTP is the main active ingredient in the Griffonia simplicifolia plant, native to the mountain slopes of Central and Western Africa. The plant is an evergreen climber, growing to heights of 3m with woody tendrils and a shrub appearance.


Our 5-HTP powder
We recommend adding our powder to a smoothie for a nutritious addition.

5-HTP is advised to be taken from 50mg to 200mg, however a dosage of up to 300mg can be effective and non-toxic. Always be conscious of the amount you are dosing, especially when using 5-HTP powder. Approximately 70% of an oral dosage will reach the blood stream and thus be effective. Advice states that you should start off at a lower dosage and build-up until you reach the one that is most effective for you. Do not exceed the upper limits of 5-HTP. You are advised to only take it for a few months as it is not long term solution.

Just because it is natural doesn�t necessarily mean it�s safe for all. There are very few cases of side effects such as aggressiveness, headaches, stomach pains or heartburn, if these do occur cease taking 5-HTP. The best way to take 5-HTP is alongside a Vitamin B6 Tablet as this is known to increase 5-HTPs conversion efficiency to Serotonin [4,5].

Anxiety can take a grip on life as you know it, altering your cognitions and feelings, this is no way to live. 5-HTP is a well-tested and popular natural supplement that can help reduce anxiety and normalise life again. Take hold of your life today!

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